Mandated Reporters

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 2151.421, certain professionals are mandated by Ohio Law to report if they suspect Child Abuse or Neglect.

A Mandated Reporter is a person who works with minor children or adults with Developmental Disabilities ages 18-21 in a professional capacity. A Mandated Reporter’s responsibility to report suspected child abuse and/or neglect supersedes professional client/patient confidentiality. There are a multitude of questions about when and how to make a referral to Children Services as a Mandated Reporter. The best way to make a referral is by phone. Please contact our agency at (513) 695-1546 and follow the prompts to make a referral. Mandated Reporters identities are kept confidential from anyone outside of law enforcement or a court unless instructed to reveal a reporter by a judge as part of testimony in a legal proceeding in court.

Click to request Mandated Reporter Training for you staff. Topics covered include: when to make a referral, information needed to make a referral, the process of making a referral and a general introduction to our agency.

Legal Definitions Chapter 2151: JUVENILE COURT Ohio Revised Code
2151.03 Neglected child defined - failure to provide medical or surgical care for religious reasons
2151.031 Abused child defined.
2151.04 Dependent child defined.