Warren County Port Authority

Financing Economic Development Projects

The Warren County Port Authority is a public agency designed to promote economic development by assisting capital investments made by public, private, and non-profit sector entities. In general, Port Authority projects include public infrastructure projects, land acquisition, construction projects, renovation of existing facilities, and the purchase and installation of equipment.

The Port Authority can finance a project in innovative ways and utilizes public-private partnerships to assist in job creation and community revitalization. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Port Authority’s operations is its ability to partner directly with a private business to address its needs as it considers investment in Warren County, Ohio.

The Port Authority can own, lease, subdivide, and sell real and personal property; issue revenue bonds for port authority facilities and other permanent improvements; operate transportation, recreation, governmental, and cultural facilities; and cooperate with public sector agencies and private sector businesses to promote economic development. As a political subdivision, the Port Authority is a tax-exempt governmental entity. In many cases, this tax-exempt status can be shared with a private sector business for some aspects of its project.

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